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What Can the Hub
Do For Me?

Here, we enrich your Colloquium experience by honing your writing, critical thinking, and academic know-how.

In your Honors Colloquium section, you will confront huge ideas, read brilliant texts, and debate with your peers. The Tutoring Hub adds to the Colloquium experience by intentionally tracking the skills you are developing along the way. How do you wrestle with a hard-to-understand reading? What makes a compelling paper topic? What are good strategies for getting the most out of class discussions? The Hub addresses these academic skills head-on to help you chart your own progress as a budding intellectual and interlocutor.

Girls in the Library


Academic LifeHacks Blog

The Hub blog regularly posts tailored advice about college life, academic writing, networking, and more.

Deep Dives on Favorite Course Texts

Can't get enough of some of the class readings? Neither can we! Here the Hub hosts a library of expanded discussions with advanced Honors students about core Colloquium texts.

Workshops for Major Assignments

Throughout the semester, the Hub will host relevant, timely workshops to get you ready for the next big assignment

Movie Nights

It's not all business around here! Join the Hub for movie nights (+ food!) where we watch popular movies that are related to Colloquium themes.

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