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Tobin House
Thursday, Sept 21 @ 5:15-6:30pm

Meet a panel of advanced Honors Students and hear their advice about writing in Colloquium I. And get good food while you are at it too!

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Monday, Oct 30 4-5pm
Tobin House

This event invites you to work on your next Synthesis essay in good company and in reach of excellent snacks. We will have three expert researchers who will be hanging out with us, available for drop-in consults. We can help you brainstorm a research question, clarify your ideas, and even work out search terms for finding scholarly sources. 

research workshop

Art Workshop

UW Art Museum
Wed. November 29 3:30-5 

In the Creative Response Assignment (the last major assignment of Colloquium I), you will get the chance to create a unique artistic response to the course themes. To help you kick off your brainstorming, this workshop brings you to one of UW's art studios, where you can work directly on your artistic piece for the upcoming assignment. 

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Art Worksop
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