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After our Dreams and Reality class, you may never watch movies in the same way again. So let's get started, together, hunting for the ways our class themes are reflected/refracted/recreated in pop culture! 

All films will be screened in Guthrie 106.  Dinner will be provided too-- just be sure to RSVP to get your food preferences included!

Everything Everwhere all at once (2022)

What is the nature of reality? And would you change it if you could? This film takes the real possibility of a multiverse and imagines how it could affect human relationships.

 Tuesday Sept 5th @ 5-7pm

InterStellar (2014)

The visuals of this movie actually helped astronomy learn new things about black holes. So science, meet fiction!

Sunday, Oct 8 @ 5-8pm

A Beautiful MinD (2001)

Based on a true story, this film asks, what is the line between genius and madness? 

Tuesday, Nov. 14 @ 6-8 pm

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