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Colloquium II

Throughout the semester, the Hub will be hosting a series of in-person workshops designed to help you expand your horizons and prepare for upcoming assignments. Watch this space for more updates and events!

Guided Art Workshops:

Tuesday, Feb 21 3-4:30 AND
Monday, Feb 27 3-4:30
RSVP here for a spot

For the first major task of Colloquium II, we are returning to the Creative Response Assignment from last semester, where you will get the chance to create a unique artistic response to the course themes. To help you kick off your brainstorming, this workshop brings you to one of UW's art studios, where you can work directly on your artistic piece for the upcoming assignment. Take your creativity to the next level with FREE art supplies, the camaraderie of fellow Colloquium II students, plus the guidance of museum curator Raechel Cook! 

Colorful Simple Paint Mix Illustration Art Poster-4.png

Archival Research Workshop:

Wednesday, March 22 3:30-5 pm
Coe 506
RSVP here for a spot

Working with an artifact can feel quite different from analyzing a written document. This workshop introduces you the ways that professional researchers use archival materials, and gives you a chance to handle--and interpret!-- real historical artifacts. This workshop is designed to help you get ready for your Interdisciplinary Artifact Assignment.

Intro to Archival Research-3.png

Video Editing Workshops

Thursday, April 20 3:30-5 pm
Wednesday, April 26 3:30-5 pm
RSVP here for a spot

In the last unit of C2, you will have the  opportunity to design a video essay analyzing a recent sci-fi film (also if you want to see student examples of this assignment, check out the Academic Lifehacks blog!) . This workshop will show you the basic skills of video editing: addicting clips, text, visuals, music, and orchestrating your narration. Come check it out! You can get SOAR credit for attending too.

Video Editing Workshop.png
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