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Spread Your Wings and SOAR with The Honors College SOAR Badges

What is SOAR? Why is it required for Honors? What do I get out of it? These are some questions that you might be asking yourself, your peers, or your instructors. SOAR is, in essence, a co-curricular element of the Honors curriculum. SOAR is all about getting engaged beyond the classroom experience--it can be exciting because it prompts you to engage with activities and ways of thinking that you might not otherwise encounter. It is all about experiencing the world around you, engaging with community, and exploring your curiosities--look at it as an opportunity to personalize your learning-engagements and to explore what the communities that surround you have to offer.

The purpose of SOAR is to get you to engage beyond the classroom, to foster your interdisciplinary curiosity, and help you develop reflective and critical thinking skills that will aid you in your academic and professional careers.

In this video, Makayla (your Honors GA), shows you how to access and navigate the UW SOAR program and platform. Including,

  • How do I find information about SOAR on the Honors webpage?

  • How do I navigate my SOAR badges?

  • How do I access SOAR through the online platform, Suitable?

  • How do I find events? What does all the information in an SOAR activity mean?

  • How do i submit my own event (hint search for "your own choosing" in the SOAR search function)?

Here is a link to the SOAR page on the Honors webpage:

Here is the link to the suitable/SOAR web-based platform:

If you prefer viewing the video with closed-captions, watch the one linked below,


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