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Writing Center Tips: A Resource Essential for Success

Writing is a central part of the college experience. No matter what field of study you pursue, writing will be an activity you engage with throughout your time at UW and it will continue to be a part of your professional endeavors. It is important to recognize that improvement as a writer is always possible.

Have you ever wondered what resources are available to you as a writer at UW? Check out the video below to learn more about the main writing-related resource on campus. In this video Makayla (your Honors GA) shows you how to access and navigate the UW Writing Center. Including:

  • What is the Writing Center? What services does it offer?

  • How can it be of use to me as a student? How can I make an appointment?

  • And, how can it help me succeed as a writer?

The main resource for students is the UW Writing Center, which is located in the bottom floor of Coe Library. This is an excellent resource for all students, and can be an invaluable resource during your college career. Here is the link to the UW Writing Center so you can follow along while watching the video:

If you prefer viewing the video with closed-captions, watch the one linked below,


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